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Casino Gold were born with an enormous passion to create and, with a newly found interest in hard-hitting, in your face electronic music the two brothers life turned down a new and promising path. After just a short period, the two-headed techno/electro monster of Luke and Zack Matsuk quickly caught fire, showing an understanding in the complexity of creating music that moves a dance floor from wall-to-wall, all while gaining support from some of the industries most successful and respected artists.

The brothers’ sound is unique all on its own, reflecting years of experience touring and recording in metal/hardcore bands. Their sound can be described as “a heavy, deep techno sound with intense instrumental buildups, and acidifying frequencies, while still maintaining the structure you would find in rock or metal songs.”

As for what the future holds, while some would consider already playing internationally and releasing on some of the industries biggest labels a success after just over one short year, the boys see it as just the beginning.


Andrew Hill, aka Nostalgia, was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin on Valentine’s day 1990. He lead a very musical life learning piano, guitar, drums, voice, and Irish penny whistle (believe the hype). After winning numerous music awards and releasing the “Dark and Light” album in high school, Nostalgia went on to continue his music education at McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, MN.

During his time at McNally, Nostalgia honed his mixing and production skills by getting in to the studio, recording bands, and mastering albums. Before graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Production (December 2011), Nostalgia already established himself in the global music scene with several big releases. “Muse – Knights of Cydonia (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix)” was his breakout hit which scored over 2.6 million views on YouTube (video has been recently removed due to copyright violations). Bouncing off the success of that remix, Nostalgia worked with female dubstep duo Dirty Talk to win the “Vaski – Jelly” remix competition. Their remix got to #60 on the Beatport Electro charts but this was only the beginning of chart success for Nostalgia. With the newly made contacts at Play Me Records, specifically Reid Speed, Nostalgia released “The Hero EP” which featured an official music video by MotionGraff and quickly climbed the charts upon its release. “Serious Coin”, the B side of the release, got to #11 on the Beatport Dubstep top 100 chart while the title track got all the way to #3.

Recently, Nostalgia just released his collab LP with singer/songwriter Aami, “Nostalgia & Aami – The Outlaster LP”. This LP was intended to push boundaries and expand on the new sounds of dubstep. The Title track “Outlaster” is a fusion of rock and dubstep that breaks genre conventions while still remaining to be a dancefloor smasher. Five of the Seven tracks on the album charted on beatport and the LP overall reached #14 on the Beatport Top 100 Dubstep Releases chart.

In the time of about a year, Nostalgia went from unknown to consistent headliner and has played shows in Minneapolis, Madison, Providence, Saint Louis, Chicago, and many more. A true producer AND dj, Nostalgia brings his absolute best to production and his live show wowing audiences coast to coast.